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  • Click this link for automated bitcoin casino. Multiply your base bet 10,000 times on Grow your balance with this automated betting system and get free bitcoins. Just sit back and let your balance grow. Claim free BTC to gamble without deposit. I accept bitcoin donations :) 1JFSv99qdssddLvJBTwJzzTdQXwhMbW3et TRANSCRIPT: Hello again! 0:03 Let me show you now, how you can multiply your balance on As you probably know already gives you free bitcoin to be able for you to try out their game. So if you go here, to faucet icon, you click on that to claim your bitcoins. 0:32 You see I received this many bitcoins right now, and your aim is to multiply your balance a 1,000 times maybe even 10,000 times your base bet. So, I suggest to do that, you click on Automated Betting icon here and then this window open here and you set your base bet to this amount. This is the minimal amount you can bet on PrimeDice. Theoretically you can bet zero, but that makes no sense, right? So this is the minimal amount you can bet. And then, this is the important thing. You change this value to 0.01. This is the smallest win chance you can enter on on automated betting. And then you start rolling the dice. And as you can see here are my bets. Of course, most of my bets will lose, but if I win I will get 10,000 times my base bet. So this is worth doing. Of course with this small win chance in theory every 10,000th bet will make you a winner. So, you will probably lose your free bitcoins that you received, but if you lose them, then again you claim new faucet, you will get them from, and then repeat the process. And you will probably lose them again and you try that – I don’t know - 10, 15, 20 times and once you will win and you will build up your base bet and it will be 10,000 times the base bet. 2:48 If you want to win more frequently than that, then what you can do – let me just stop rolling here – you can make a little larger win chance here to be bigger: 0.1, and as you see the payout is almost a 1,000-fold, so again you click the Roll Dice, and again you’ll probably lose most of the time but you need around… around every 1,000th bet will be a winner. So, with this win chance you will win more frequently. And it takes only a single win to build up your balance, and then if you stay with these parameters, with these values then – if your balance is bigger, of course – then there’s a bigger chance for you to win again without losing all your money. So, it only takes a win to be able to slowly build up your balance on 4:04 So, good luck with that, try this out, and let me know how you succeeded. Bye for now. --------------------------------- Watch my most successful video to learn how to earn even more bitcoins: Another free bitcoin video with bitcoin wallet: Watch my Smart Money playlist to learn how to make money online: Watch online sudoku videos:
  • Published: 16.04.2018 13:14 on the channel Tips Bangla

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